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DIY ColorLab Kits

DIY ColorLab Kits


DIY ColorLab Cosmetics Kits are an amazing gift for teens and adults or a fun way to create your own cosmetics!


Each kit comes with a colorless base formula (the same we make for our own makeup line), instructions, and every color combination you can dream up with cosmetic quality pigments! Each kit includes EVERYTHING you need and makes multiple containers that give you extra to experiment with!


There are currently Four DIY Kits available:


- Vegan Liquid Lipstick Kit

   (enough to make 5 lipsticks and extra to experiment with)
- Creme Eyeshadow and Highlighter Kit

   (makes a compact and 11 containers with lots of extra)
- Mineral Powder Foundation, Blush, and Highlighter Kit

   (makes 5 and more powder containers and extra, includes Kabuki Brush) 
- Liquid Foundation Kit

   (makes 2 deluxe airless liquid containers)



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